Rehearsal Day One!

Well, world… I’m officially Dorothy!

We finished our first day of rehearsal – and I am the happiest kind of exhausted. Today was solely a music rehearsal day – and our Musical Director, Tom Berger, imparted all of his knowledge and wisdom to us in a few short hours. The cast, crew, and creatives are such a fun, fast-learning bunch, so we are able to truly enjoy the process and the work. And what a wonderful kind of work it is!

In three short days, we will have learned the entire show – on the fourth we will have our dress rehearsal – and on the fifth, it’s off to Kansas! I mean Oz… actually our first stop is Georgia. But in any case, we’ll be on the road by this Friday evening!

And here’s the wonderful cast!

More updates (and fabulous costume photos!) to come – in the meantime, I need to go over my music and script before getting some sleep. All my love to family and friends back home – and look out, USA (eastcoast and southern states!) because Annie Rutherford Lutz is heading down the Yellow Brick Road!!!


“Someday, my somewhere will be here” –AFT’s Wizard of Oz

9 thoughts on “Rehearsal Day One!

  1. Annie –
    I didn’t pay all that money to put you through college just so you could go prancing around the country in a dress carrying a dog in a basket! You listen to me young lady….. I think maybe this actress thing has gone too far. The Hampton Diner is looking for a waitress. I could put in a good word for you over there –

  2. I’m so happy for you, my love, and amazingly proud. Are you eventually making your way back to the NJ/NY area?? I need to see you as Dorothy! Enjoy your tour! XOXO

  3. Congratulations on such a great opportunity!! Break a leg!

    Is your schedule of performances posted someplace? Maybe we can see your show in Baltimore or Washington DC if you’re playing there.

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