First Dress Rehearsal

Day five in Philly – and we just had our first dress rehearsal! I can hardly believe that we learned this entire show in three days, cleaned it up in one, and are already doing full run-throughs… ahhhh, the magic of theatre!

Now that we’re into full dress rehearsals, it’s time to really play! This cast is so much fun – we’re all trying out new ideas, playing with our characters, and exploring this incredible Land of Oz. And, to help me along in my process, I’ve been reading the original book of The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum. It’s wonderful to read the original source material – that led to the iconic musical – that’s led me here! There’s so much that’s different from the story I grew up with (the Good Witch that we know as Glinda was originally an old woman only known as the Witch of the North! I believe Glinda comes in later.), but the essence is magically the same. And as we continue to delve into this wonderful musical, there’s more and more to discover. One of the infinite joys of this profession!

As promised, here is a photo of me in full costume!

In other news, I had a phone interview yesterday during our lunch break with a reporter from my hometown who heard about my most recent adventure, and she wanted to run a story on me! So, keep an eye out for an article this Friday in the New Jersey Herald – and I’ll be posting it on here, too!

That’s all for now – two more full run-throughs tomorrow, one on Friday morning, and then we’re on the road by Friday afternoon! I can’t believe how fast this rehearsal week is flying by, but it’s only the beginning.


One thought on “First Dress Rehearsal

  1. Hey! You look pretty! But your dog looks stuffed!

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying your adventure so far 🙂 and I just have to say, I hope the mayor of the Munchkin City, in the county, in the land of Oz, welcomes you most regally! (But just know they might have to verify it legally).

    love you much

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