Macon, GA

Today was our first performance in front of a real live audience!

That first show after all of those rehearsals and run-throughs is always so rewarding – finally hearing the audience’s reactions, feeling their energy… and of course, the children’s wonderfully honest feedback. There is no audience like a theatre full of 500 kids – they tell it like it is, and today, how it was – was magical.

Our first show was in Macon, GA, in the beautiful Grand Opera House. As you can see, we were spoiled by our first venue:

Throughout the entire show, the kids were amazing – laughing and responding to the characters. But during the final song, “Magic All Around You,” during which we raise the house lights ever so slightly, I could finally see their faces – and they were glowing!¬†Some of them were sitting forward in their seats, some were waving to us on stage, and a precious few had a sparkle in their eyes, as if their worlds had forever been opened up, and their imaginations infinitely expanded. Afterwards, we had a short meet-and-greet with the children in the lobby of the theatre, and I was able to see this sparkle up close. The way they looked at us was breathtaking – as if their imaginations had sprung to life before them and become reality – and we were the cause of that. I’d love to think that these kids will forever live their lives differently because of seeing this production. But no matter what the result, the look in their eyes reminded me why I chose this insane and wonderful career. Because magic does¬†exist, if you believe.

“There’s magic all around you, just open your eyes and see. The sky, the trees, all things that grow, are there for us to love and know. There’s magic all around you, just look and see!”

2 thoughts on “Macon, GA

  1. I hope the kids @ George Street Playhouse are enjoying this blog form the road! This is a very cool look into aspects of the business that are never seen but are nevertheless part and parcel of the whole PROCESS of theater and acting …… If you love it, it shows in the performance every time ….. Keep it up!

  2. Hey, Annie –

    Finally caught up with you and your blog. Also, I just saw/listened to your “Gimme Gimme” video for the first time and thought it was, in my completely unbiased opinion, absolutely terrific! No wonder you keep getting hired for these great jobs.
    You must be having a great time – enjoy it to the max.!


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