One week down (the Yellow Brick Road)

Well, we’ve been on the road one week, and it’s been a new adventure every day! We’ve played in some amazing spaces…



We’ve done some much anticipated sight seeing:

And we’ve collected some priceless child anecdotes. Please do yourself a favor and read these to yourself in a southern accent – preferably a deep Georgia twang:

To the Scarecrow, as the child simultaneously slaps the Scarcrow’s forehead:

“You aint got no brains.”


Regarding the Toto puppet used in the show, in a tone of voice that said we had tricked this child, and he was not too happy about it. (Don’t forget the southern accent.):

“I thought that dog was real.”


An audience member’s response after my character says during a soliloquy,”No one understands me around here.”:

“I do!”


To the Wizard, who is played by the same actress that portrays Aunt Em and the Good Witch:

“That he is a she! That just ‘aint right.”


To the Scarecrow:

“Is you real?… Is you real??”

“I sure am!”

(skeptically) “Hmmmmm…”


And my personal favorite, as said to me by a little girl in a low whisper, so as not to ruin the magic of theatre for her friends, as if she had discovered the greatest secret of all time:

“I know you’re an actress!”


Many more of those to come, I’m sure!


And, as promised, here is the article which was written about my latest endeavor in the New Jersey Herald this past week! It was wonderful to be featured in my hometown’s newspaper, and it’s been a great way to keep people posted on what I’ve been doing! I’ve gotten so many wonderful Hellos and Congratulations from those who’ve read it – as always, it’s the support of friends and family that keeps me going, and I can’t possibly express enough appreciation and gratitude. Because honestly, if it weren’t for that… nah, I’d still be here : )

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  1. Hi, Annie. What fun are these pictures! I had breakfast with your grandfather Werner, your parents, Debbie and Jim, and Laurie and Mike this morning, and your mother told me about your website, as well as the robbery of your van. I’ve just loved seeing your pictures, and wish you well as you go on improvising for your Little House on the Prarie, making do without your original costumes and sets!

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