Today, I had the pleasure of meeting and taking a picture with another Dorothy! I wish I had a copy of the photo, but a description will have to do. She was just about three years old, with golden blonde hair, which was in high pigtails with little blue ribbons, a blue and white sparkly dress, and of course… ruby red slippers. She and her mother came to this morning’s show, and this little Dorothy (the cast dubbed her my “mini-me”) wanted nothing more than to meet me. During meet-and-greet, Dorothy’s mom asked if we could take a picture together – and this girl deserved nothing less than star treatment! So, our stage manager brought us on stage and wheeled over the Yellow Brick Road background, where we proceeded to have a photoshoot together – Dorothy and Dorothy. She was too nervous to say anything to me other than a nearly inaudible “Thank You,” but her mother assured me that not only can she recite every line to the Wizard of Oz movie, but she also sings along! The family is also planning a Wizard of Oz themed birthday party for mini-me this summer, which sounds like it’s going to be magical!

The cast and I actually had the pleasure of attending an Oz themed birthday party a few weeks ago after one of our shows, and I have to say, I was jealous of this shindig. The birthday girl was dressed as Dorothy (except she went so far as to don a brunette wig!) and I’m pretty sure there was a Mini-Tin-Man in attendance as well. The party was in the lobby of the theatre, and included personalized baskets with individual cupcakes, a layered yellow brick road cake, and best of all… a real live Toto! This lucky birthday girl happened to have a little black puppy in her family, and was carrying him around in a basket during her party. I’d love to know what the parents are planning for her Sweet 16!

It’s common for us to see ruby red slippers or a blue and white checkered dress in the audience, but our Scarecrow recently encountered something more rare: a child dressed up as the Wicked Witch. I should specify… a four year old boy dressed as the Wicked Witch! I wasn’t there to witness this incredible interaction, but here’s how it happened. Apparently, this boy’s mother (whom I love and admire) approached the Scarecrow during meet-and-greet with her son. This mother had encouraged him to wear his cape, green and black striped socks over his jeans, and to carry his broom (apparently a Nimbus 2000 from Harry Potter, which makes me love this family even more). The mother said that her son was wondering if he could act out a scene from the play with the Scarecrow, and the actor of course obliged. This creative young boy then proceeded to act out the epic melting scene, directing the Scarecrow along the way, (“This is the part where you throw the bucket of water on me!”), and giving an Oscar worthy performance of the Wicked Witch melting, original dialogue and all, (“What a world! What a world!”). After which, he held the final moment… jumped up, thanked the Scarecrow, and was on his way. I only wish that I was witness to this magical moment of brave parenting and fearless childhood imagination coming to life.

It’s the little off-stage moments like these that are constantly being retold in the van, relayed to our friends and family back home, and making the early mornings and long drives more than worth it. I’d like to think I made that little Dorothy’s day today – but honestly, she made mine.   : )

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